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Planned releases:

Release Features
0.1 Working example
0.2 Planned features:
  • Improved object member retrieval (not just member names, also follow references)
  • Listener mechanism for logging, statistics
  • Hooks for object-relational mapping in engine
  • JDO
0.3 Planned features:
  • Better syntax for following and constraining object references, handle collections.
    For example: "Has a" and "sum"-operators on collections (A resume that contains at least one project related to car manufacturing, or the sum of the duration of all projects that had something to do with Java technology)
  • Performance optimizations for JDO
  • New example, that can be used for performance tests (random color finder)
0.x ...
1.0 Planned features:
  • Statistics
  • Cleaned-up documentation

Project history

Date Description
20040920 Added (unoptimized) JDO match engine
Created release 0.2
20040914 Restructured the web site
20040913 Replaced MatchList, OrList, AndList with QuerySet. Added RegexMatches, BooleanEquals, threshold value. Added comparison with SODAQuery
20040910 Updated car example-results and FAQ-SQL
20040909 Added NotQuery, listener mechanism, added FAQ contents, fixed <pre>-tags in website (for Internet Explorer)
20040906 Added Prevayler demo
20040903 Made mailing lists, cvs archive, updates to web site
Created release 0.1
20040901 API documentation is also on web site, added exception handling, updated javadoc
20040829 Added documentation about matching algorithm, related projects. Put documentation on web site
20040824 Implemented MatchEngine and numeric queries. No error handling, queries only work on direct members, but the SiteFinder example works!
20040820 Abandoned the idea of free-format XML input for web site, and converting it to HTML. Ended up writing a free-format XML interpreter in Velocity, which is also a cool project, but not the intention of JavaMatch
20040817 Use Velocity, Xerces and Xalan to generate web site (instead of Anakia)
20040813 The sourceforge project has been created

Work in progress


In random order:

  • Logging
  • LessThan(300) returns a complete mismatch both for 301 and 10000
  • Range(10, 20) might have a "preferred" value at 16

Web site

  • printer-friendly versions
  • PDF generation
  • Tutorial
  • Development documentation